American South Update

Open Letter – May 10, 2020

We recognize the serious curation oversight for the American South edition. We sincerely apologize. Aint-Bad accepts responsibility, however, please know there were never any bad intentions or deliberate bias. In order to improve, we are suspending this issue of the magazine. We will be refunding all submission fees.

Before any further call for entry, Aint-Bad will assemble a committee (of diverse individuals from the community) to directly address the issue of societal representation in curation. We have a lot of work to do, to figure out what the best way forward is, but it seems necessary to make sure that this conversation is at the forefront of whatever comes next.

We hear you, we welcome more dialogue and ask that any individual photographers that wish to discuss these issues further can submit thoughts, ideas, and concerns via the form located on our website. Please use the feedback box below.