Colin Snapp

Colin Snapp was born on Lopez Island in 1982 and received a BFA in film making from the San Francisco Art Institute. While attending SFAI, Snapp spent his summers teaching youth filmmaking seminars in Washington state. Upon graduation, he spent a year living in Portland, Oregon teaching art at Harold Oliver elementary school. He currently lives and works in New York, NY. Today we take a look at his work, Emblem Series.

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Emblem Series

In this grouping of pictures Snapp presents 15 images from his Emblem Series, a new selection of works derived from an ongoing photographic index. Started in 2008, this series developed as a desire to reinterpret the backdrop of advertisements that surround us. Incorporating the environments in which these emblems are embedded, Snapp offers the logos a new meaning, one that deals with divisions of associative realities—specifically, how one often becomes overly comfortable with such visual archetypes. The majority of the images in the Emblem Series were made while traveling, lending a certain everyday narrative to the project that is indicative of Snapp’s interest in using photography and video as tools to re-contextualize the contemporary landscape.

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Colin has traveled extensively throughout Central America, Australia, and the Mediterranean working on documentaries on subjects ranging from architecture to immigration while assisting for National Geographic Traveler, Maha Productions, and BBC News. Snapp has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Mexico City and Berlin.

To view more of Colin’s work please visit his website.