Paul Puiia

Paul Puiia is an artist based in Worcester, Massachusetts. His work explores the urban landscape, and strives to reveal the relationship between the viewer and their built environment. Paul grew up in a small mill town in Maine and recalls being fascinated by the mill’s smokestacks, and the inhuman but alive characteristics of man-made structures. He often works late at night, using long exposures to create surreal scenes of quiet places. Today we share Paul’s series titled Brick and Glass.





Brick & Glass

In an economy no longer dependent on the manufacturing industry as a source of income, many of Worcester’s most characteristic structures, its factories, are abandoned. Slowly they’re torn down or converted into other more profitable spaces such as condos and apartment buildings.

Brick & Glass is an exploration of Worcester’s changing architectural landscape—a once-prosperous mill town, slowly rebuilt with modern glass and steel structures. The old buildings are dying. They’re decomposing, crumbling under their own weight as they sit immobile, sad and neglected. They watch as the city that they worked so hard to shape is populated by alien structures. The new buildings stand helpless as they witness the foundations of their grandfathers rotting, anticipating the day that they’re pulled down by a backhoe.

Brick & Glass attempts to capture the souls of these buildings, and the dramatic, dissonant transition between the old and the new.








To view more of Paul’s work please visit his website.