Joshua Farr

Joshua Farr (b. 1988) was raised in Oxford, Maine until attending the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, N.H. where he held a 3-year work-study position for the Photography Department. Upon graduating in 2011 with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography, Joshua moved to Brattleboro, Vermont where he now lives and works multiple jobs – as a web-designer at Good Bear Productions, part time staff at the Brattleboro Museum, and as the Gallery Director at the Vermont Center for Photography. His work has been exhibited throughout New England & eastern U.S. Joshua has curated and juried dozens of photographic exhibitions in his time at the Vermont Center for Photography, including solo exhibitions by artists such as Rebecca Lepkoff, Roger Katz, Frank Ward, & Siri Kaur – among others.





Brookford Farm (2009 – 2011)

“Beginning in the fall of 2009, I began visiting a family operated dairy farm located in the small town of Rollinsford, NH known as Brookford Farm. Through my countless visits, I began to notice a common theme of life, death, & rebirth and how this is a perpetual cycle which allows all of these diverse systems to coexist and benefit from one another.





Spending time with the children on the farm only brought more attention to the energy and occasional hardships that truly defined the agricultural lifestyle. These were free-range children, and it is this freedom that allowed them to develop a sensibility typically not found in children their age. I found myself drawn to this energy and it is the quality that is present in my most successful images. This body of work is a documentation of a unique and timeless subculture that has existed throughout the generations of family farmers – a closer look at what it truly means to grow up on the farm.”








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