Molly Peters

Molly Peters is a Los Angeles-based photographer. She completed her BA in Photography and Italian Studies at Bard College in 2010 and is currently earning her MFA from the Hartford Art School, with an expected graduation in August 2018.

Her photographs have been shown in both solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Berlin, Germany, and prints of her work are in a number of private collections worldwide. One of her photographs is part of the permanent collection of the Burchfield Penney Museum in Buffalo, NY.

She maintains an active role in the Los Angeles photography community. Beginning in 2010, she has run the ground operations of the Palm Springs Photo Festival’s portfolio review program. Molly is a founding member of the Los Angeles Women’s Photography Alliance (LAWPA), and a member of the Women’s Photo Alliance (WPA). She has served on the board of ASMP Los Angeles since 2015, first as Vice President and then as the chapter President since 2016.


Anima, the Italian word for soul, refers primarily to an individual’s true inner self, spirit, and life-giving breath. It functions in contrast to the idea of a persona, or the outward-facing part of someone’s being.

I am an artist dealing primarily with memory, loss, and relationship to place. I am fascinated with the capacity of a photograph to convey the uncanny. Last year, I returned for seven months to the island where I was born and raised – a place that was both changed and unchanging, but no longer home as I remembered it. I was temporarily occupying a life I’d never expected to return to. My spiritual, emotional, and psychological journey in that time was marked deeply by witnessing mysterious events in my close friend’s life. She embodied a mythical phoenix, dying and rising repeatedly from the ashes.

These photographs are born of this experience and serve as a distillation of a distinct time period where my spirit was tested by events which were inherently undefinable, traumatic, and otherworldly.

To view more of Molly Peters’s work please visit her website.