Kristen Bartley

Kristen (b.1982) is a lens-based artist living in Brooklyn and making work throughout the United States. Kristen grew up in a family of photographers but fell in love with the medium after taking an elective darkroom class at the University of Miami while pursuing a degree in advertising. She eventually abandoned her original career path for a life devoted to image making. Kristen continues to work exclusively in film and believes it is an essential component of her artistic practice.

Kristen frequently exhibits work in New York City and was recently one of the photographers selected for FotoFilmic18’s shortlist and was runner up for FotoFilmic’s Solo I Award in 2017. She is currently working on self-publishing a book from her project “Flower Mound.”

Flower Mound

Flower Mound is the name of the suburban Texas town I grew up in and frequently returned to as an adult while both of my parents were succumbing to separate battles with cancer. Throughout these years I was enveloped in a constant cloud of nostalgia. The light was swiftly fading from the people and the place I considered my first home. I photographed heavily during this time as an attempt to save everything I would soon lose forever. The resulting photographs capture those fleeting moments of intimacy, joy, and grief. Woven together they serve as a lyrical reflection on love, loss and the ephemeral nature of life.

To view more of Kristen Bartley’s work please visit her website.