Natasha Polozenko

Natasha is an Illustrator and Consultant originally from Sydney, Australia. She holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and works as an Innovation Consultant, designing and creating human-centered experiences and products in Boston.

Natasha’s work in illustration combines a focus on digital visualization and representation with story-telling and a distinctly character-based approach. Her unique approach extends her formal training as a Landscape Architect and was developed through countless hours of experimentation and work on personal and professional projects. Today Natasha’s work can be categorized by minimal, soft, dreamy palettes, gradients, and transparencies mainly featuring comically exaggerated, strong, feminine forms in natural settings.

The Feminine

“The Feminine” series explores the strength and sensuality of the female form. Bold poses and exaggeration of form show these women taking up space. The warm orange and reds represent fiery strength and power, whilst the soft, cooler purple tones provide the contrast of calm & gentle sensuality.

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