Nijah Stevens

Nijah Stevens is an Artist and Photographer based out of St. Petersburg FL that focuses on creating surreal, sexy, and dreamy pieces of art featuring subjects of all shapes and from different backgrounds. Nijah is a half-black, half British, Los Angeles-born artist who pursued music for most of his life until recently finding love for removing himself from the center of his art and creating visual masterpieces more focused on others’ personalities and stories. The inspiration for many of his works comes from music like Sigur Ros and movies Like Blade Runner. He hopes to continue to be able to create and collaborate with other artists and inspirational individuals who promote empathy, mental and sexual health, and racial equality.

Nijah’s Pieces

These pieces are a collection of my favorite recent works. I feel as though I am in the process of finding my style and voice in the art of photography and these pieces best illustrate where I’ve started and where I hope to go.

To view more of Nijah Stevens’s work please visit their website.