Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni

Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni work as a photographic duo whose main interest is based on contemporary stories. Their personal involvement and unfiltered approach to documentary photography, with a particular focus on the human events of the stories, has led to international recognition for their work. They have received several awards such as the Sony World Photography Award in the “Discovery” category, the Gomma Grant for best black and white documentary work, the PHmuseum Of Humanity 2020 grant in the category of solo exhibitions, and many others. Six of their projects have been published in book form over the past five years and have been exhibited in festivals and galleries, including the Biennale Für Aktuelle Fotografie (Mannheim) and Voies Off. With their latest book “Güle Güle”, published by André Frère Éditions, they were finalists for the “Prix du livre d’auteur d’Arles” 2020 and the Prix Nadar. The work RHOME was the winner of the Istanbul Photo Festival grant for dummy books and published by FUAM. It has been shortlisted at PHotoESPANA Best Photobook of the Year.


“Only in this place consecrated by millennia, everything that was and will be is able to coexist with all the rest: highs and lows, old and new, religion and impiety, splendor and misery, even God and the Devil seem to have settled a stable and enduring balance in that city, where everything has already happened and not once! One thousand times.” (Sebastiano Vassalli, writer and novelist)

Beneath the crust of the modern shared culture we belong to, lies a ferment of teeming scenarios. In this work we have explored Rome – our adopted hometown – through fragments of private lives, places, people, situations, gestures. We have immersed ourselves in multiple microcosms to reveal the unpredictable and heterogeneous identity of a city, freeing it from its postcard charm. Like tiles in an endless mosaic, these stories continue to draw us into this cluster of diversity, into what we ardently recognize as ‘our place’.

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