Issue Nø.15 Print Artist Announcement!

March 24th, 2021

We are incredibly excited to announce our final roster of print artists for Aint–Bad No. 15! Our guest curators combed through hundreds of submissions from artists located all across the globe and helped us to narrow down a selection of 96 artists to be printed in our 2021 annual publication. Take a good hard look at the list below. Get to know these names, because they are about to be leading the contemporary art scene in their respective fields of study. 

Thank you again to all that submitted to this annual call for entry, and of course, thank you to our guest curators who viewed each submission and spent time with all of the work that was submitted.

Abigail Teodori
Aldo Chacon
Alexandre Silberman
Alison Luntz
Ana Vallejo
André Ramos-woodard
Andrea Mato
Anna Rotty
Aurelie Sandrine Kadjo
Ben Bloom
Ben Franke
Brandon Brown
Brendan George Ko
Bronte Procell
Christine Chung
Christopher Desanges
Colton Wheatley
Courtney Coles
Da’shaunae Marisa
Daniel Aros-aguilar
Daniel Bass
Daniela Spector
Debora Schwedhelm
Donavon Smallwood
Donna Bassin
Douglas Breault
Emily Berl
Ethan Helow
Evelyn Hang Yin
Felix Schöppner
Fernanda Kock
Ghaleb Cabbabé

Guido Castagnoli
Hayley Youngs
Jacob Moscovitch
James Bellorini
Janice Chung
Jessica Buie
Joanna Wzorek
Jordana Bermúdez
José Alvarado Jr.
Julia Gillard
Julie Pochron
Justin Emmanuel
Justin Keene
Kai Yokoyama
Karoliina Kase
Kat Torreano
Kate Warren
Katie Shapiro
Kyle Berger
Lake Roberson Newton
Leah Edelman-brier
Lee Saloutos
Lois Bielefeld
Lucy Lu
Luis Vasquez La Roche
Luisa Madrid
Maggie Shannon
Margaret Thompson
Maria Mavropoulou
Mario Alcauter
Martha Naranjo Sandoval
Marvin Touré

Matt Siber
Michele Palazzi
Mikael Owunna
Mitchell Squire
Molly Peters
N8 Devivo
Naoko Morisawa
Natalya Arutyunova
Nava Derakhshani
Peter Bogaczewicz
Qihui Chen
Raymond Grubb
Rebecca Moseman
Ricky Molnar
Rodrigo Koraicho
Rohina Hoffman
Salgu Wissmath
Sarah Crofts
Sarah Kaufman
Serena Wang
Shawn Michael Jones
Stella Asia Consonni
Susan Kaufer Carey
Tara Pixley
Tash Damjanovic
Taylor Dafoe
Tomesha Faxio
Vanessa Leroy
Yuyang Zhang
Zach Jett
Zachary Francois
Ziyun Zou