Steven Piper

In recent years, Steven Piper has used his photography to help define life’s experiences that he couldn’t describe otherwise. However, he hasn’t always had this medium to help express his thoughts and feelings. Steven didn’t come from a traditional art background, having studied business and marketing in school. With a number of round trips to Paris, Steven spent the majority of his late teens and early twenties living there or trying to get back. It was in Paris where he learned from the famous French street photographers how to see light and frame a shot. Ever since those formative years of inspiration and maturation, he has taken his street photographer’s approach and transformed his body of work to commercial appeal. However, working in advertising hasn’t always fulfilled his love for fine art or what he finds pure in photography. His approach as of late has been to take those passing thoughts, scribbled in a notebook, and envision what they can be in reality. All the while, he continually reminds himself of what made him passionate for photography in the first place: strangers in new places.


The journey to finding oneself is non-linear. Our peers’ preconceived notions oppress the identity and limit one’s ability to be authentic to their nature. Within genesis exists a return to the time and place in our lives that allows us to shed all external pressures and societal expectations. A transformative feeling. Prompting a return to oneself, following an internal mission. Some people never get there; empathy will normalize and make that passage easier for everyone. Forgiveness for mistakes, curious rather than judgmental questions, celebrating our differences. Once we all get there, we will be alive on arrival.

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