Evan Allan : The Tiger Beetle


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Evan Allan is a Brooklyn based photographer working primarily with the constructed American landscape. He grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina and received his BA from UNC Chapel Hill in 2014. His work has been featured in various print and web publications and he was shortlisted for the Palm* Photo Prize in 2019. In 2020 he was selected to attend the Chico Hot Springs Portfolio Review with his book series The Tiger Beetle.


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Title :
The Tiger Beetle

Text By:
Evan Allan

Details :
Edition Size 300
7″ x 9″, 96 pages,
Hard Cover, Perfect Bound
ISBN : 978-1-944005-29-0
Published by : Aint–Bad
Spring 2020


About :

The Tiger Beetle is a fragmented travelogue created during a month-long road trip across the United States. Within, photographs of roadside relics and found language reveal an American landscape of contradiction, equal parts humor and sorrow. Accompanying these images are contextless snippets of thought, memory, and conversation in the form of original text. Together these travel photographs and short non-sequiturs describe a countryside full of mysterious symbols and double meanings.

Though primarily a meditation on travel photography, themes of memory, home, and the ambiguity of language also slip in between the pages.