Kreshonna Keane : The Art of Reflection


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Kreshonna Keane is a self-taught photographer from The Bronx, New York. Kreshonna has a very unique way of utilizing her environment and her surroundings to transform her images into conceptual artwork. In The Art of Reflection Kreshonna puts together an array of portraits in which she transforms her subjects from everyday New Yorkers into characters in stories of triumph. Works in the book have been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, I-D/Vice, Aint–Bad, Converse, and more.



Title :
The Art of Reflection

Text By:
Kreshonna Keane

Details :
Edition Size 300
9″ x 7″, 96 pages,
Hard Cover, Swiss Bound
ISBN : 978-1-944005-47-4
Published by : Aint–Bad
Spring 2021


About :

Living through a global pandemic and a quarantine while trying to stay creative allowed me a lot of time for self reflection. I spent a lot of time pondering my goals, fears, passions, failures, ideas and skills. I deliberated on how much my work had flourished, and realized this growth came from being consistent in pursuing my passion and purpose; not being afraid to fail, to challenge myself or to learn more. The Art of Reflection is my mirror, a reminder of the artist I have become, but it also shows me that my journey has only just begun.

The theme of reflection is carried throughout the book as each person is able to see themselves in a different light while still being true to who they are.

Expect to embark on a visual journey: to watch as people are transformed into these fantasy-like, conceptual figures who take on these roles and become characters that people grow to know and love because of what they symbolize for Black culture and for NYC culture.

I left a little piece of me in every part of this project. Much like the connection, I hope you are able to establish with my works, I, too, see myself in every character. There are pieces of my experiences, my observations, my beliefs, my struggles, my strengths, and my weaknesses in every story.