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Shawn Records holds a BA from Boise State University and an MFA from Syracuse University. His work is held in the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Light Work, and the Portland Art Museum, among others, and has been shown in numerous venues, including two solo exhibitions at Blue Sky Gallery as well as group exhibitions at Format 2019, MoCP, INOVA, Newspace, Photo Center Northwest, and Houston Center for Photography.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Records juggles teaching photography, along with making his personal and assignment work. Editorial clients have included The New York Times Magazine, Vice, LeMonde’s M, Monocle,Travel & Leisure, Dwell, and many others. When he’s not teaching or doing photography, he’s probably walking his dog, watching news bloopers, or perfecting his jump shot in the driveway.


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Text By:
Shawn Records

Details :
Edition Size 300
9″ x 6″, 96 pages,
Hard Cover, Perfect Bound
ISBN : 978-1-944005-42-9
Published by : Aint–Bad
Spring 2021


About :

Is it just the stories we tell ourselves that really matter? This question is at the heart of Hero by Shawn Records. Faced with the cloud of doubts that comes along with turning forty, Records honored the milestone by re-writing his own life, over-riding randomness by carefully sequencing a deadpan epic out of disparate photographic odds and ends that had accumulated over time. Rising and falling in narrative arcs that flirt with the comic as much as the heroic, Hero transcends the day-to-day with empathy and wit.