Issue No.14




Issue No.14 marks eight years for this independent publisher. As we continue to adapt and evolve as individuals, artists, editors, and publishers, our desire to build and foster a creative community is stronger than ever. The in-print and online worlds of photo-based content offer an over-abundance of competition. Everywhere you turn, something attracts your attention. 2019 has been a time to weed out the bad and commit to the good. With renewed energy and dedication to our mission of promoting contemporary photography by way of affordable publications, we have broken our own records this year.

By the end of 2019, we will have released fourteen titles including this one. This has taken years to accomplish and would not be possible without the encouragement and support of the photographic community from all over the world. Issue No.14 was curated by our editorial staff, a collective experience that brought us all closer together. This issue puts forth more images and less text from over 150 photographers, allowing the Aint–Bad community and beyond to see these images as visual essays, reflections upon many regions and nations with all of its pluralities of content, medium, narrative, and composition – each photographer with their own experience to share.

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Details :

8.25″x10.75″, 256 pages,
Perfect Bound
Edition Size 1500
ISBN : 978-1-944005-28-3
Printed in the Netherlands

Introduction by : The Editors

Distribution is available in the UK & EU through Antenne Books and in the US by Publishers Distribution Group

Edited by :

Carson Sanders
Taylor Curry
Lisa Jaye Young, Ph.D.
Aidan Bliss
Bailey Dale
Dana Stirling
J. Houston
Jennifer Timmer Trail
Julia Wilson
Kayla Story
Kyra Schmidt
Lara Orawski
Nicole Hawkins
Porter McLeod
William Glaser Wilson

Featured Artists :

Adam Reynolds
Alexa Cushing
Alexandra Soldatova
Aline Smithson
Alissa Ohashi
Amanda Tinker
Amrita Stützle
Ana Zibelnik
Andrés Solla
Ashleigh Coleman
Ashley West Leonard
Aubrey Richey
Audra Osborne
Beth And Hannah Delagi
Bonnie Saporetti
Bradley Marshall
Bree Lamb
Brett Henrikson
Brittany Marcoux
Bryan Anselm
Cameron Cope
Cat Crandall Duffy
Charles Bouchaïb
Charles Purvis
Chelsea Ker
Chris Bennett
Christian Michael Filardo
Christopher Beitz
Clara Mokri
Cody Cobb
Conor Elliott Fitzgerald
Corey Isenor
Daniel Everett
David H. Slegers
David Johnson
David McCarty
David Rothenberg
Dylan Yarbrough

Elba Collective
Emily Margarit Mason
Emma Ressel
Emmanuel Monzon
Enda Bowe
Erin White
Evan Patrick Maloney
Evan Perkins
Finn Jubak
Frankie Alduino
Fred Tougas
Gabriel McCurdy
Gianluca Attoli
Greg Boozell
Gretchen Grace
Guillaume Tomasi
Hyungjo Moon
Isabella Convertino
J. Houston
Jaakko Kahilaniemi
Jack Yong
Jade Leetz
Jaime Alvarez
Jake Harrison Miller
Jake Mein
James O’Connell
Jayson Bimber
Jeff Davenport
Jeff Dietz
Jen Bacon
Jennifer Timmer Trail
Jesse Taylor Koechling
Jessy Boon Cowler
Jim McAuley
Johanna Warwick
John Lusis
John Watts
Jon Ervin

Jon Feinstein
Jonathan Michael Castillo
Joshua Aronson
Juan Brenner
Julia Kokernak
Julia Wilson
Karen Navarro
Kata Geibl
Kate Enman
Kathleen Hawkes
Katie Severson
Keegan Grandbois
Kevin Bond
Kevin Van Aelst
Kevin Williamson
Kiera Renz
Kristen Bartley
Kurt Simonson
Kyle Everett Smith
Landon Speers
Laura Beth Reese
Lauren Taubenfeld
Leo Quirk
Leslie Hickey
Liu Liu
Logan Werlinger
Macarena Costan Valverde
Malcolm Easton
Mankichi Shinshi
Manuel Nieberle
Mark Rammers
Martim Ramos
Matt Genovese
Matt Williams
Matthew DeFeo
Maude Arsenault
Melissa Spiccia
Michalis Poulas

Mikayla Whitmore
Millee Tibbs
Minh Hoang Nguyen
Mitchell Hurst
Moritz Jekat
Nolan Warner-Sullivan
Paloma Dooley
Panos Mazarakis
Paul Simon
Phil Jung
Riley Goodman
Robert Gordon
Robert Wagoner
Rory Doyle
Rory Hamovit
Ross Mantle
Sage Brown
Sean Murray
Seth Johnson
Shawn Bush
Shelli Weiler
Stacy Arezou Mehrfar
Stuart Richardson
Tatum Shaw
Thomas Line
Tony Chirinos
Tracy L. Chandler
Tyler Roste
Vincent Glielmi
Whitney Arlana
Will Cooper
William Cress
Will Douglas
William Wilson
Xinxin Zhang
Yvette Marie Dostatni
Zai Gray Rutter
Zhidong Zhang