Gracie Byrd Jones

Gracie Jones is a native Texan studying photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her series entitled “Floridians” captures the same voyeuristic aspects of photography of many of her photographic influences. Gracie aims to make art out of the everyday, the mundane and overlooked.

Aunt Sally PageImage-493040-3172258-R105904021A_o PageImage-493040-3172220-R1059000003Edit_o

After crossing over the bridge to Palm Beach Island, it may appear that one has entered into a fantasy world. Whether observing the homes, storefronts, or passerbys, it is obvious that almost everyone is single-mindedly striving for beauty.

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Within this exclusive community, there is not a single area that hasn’t been polished or manicured. After spending some time visiting my aunt who lives there, I came to realize the kind of subculture these people live in and the kind of disturbing “beauty” they strive for.

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This is a sub-culture of wealth, health, and material happiness. These pictures strive to document this community its most raw form, leaving the viewer caught between laughter and discomfort.

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To view more of Gracie’s work, please visit her website.