Dan Wetmore

Dan Wetmore is a photographer native to Pittsburgh, living and working in Syracuse NY. We first published his work last year, he was featured in our first issue of Aint-Bad Magazine. We caught up with Dan to see what he has been working on lately. The works below are fragments of a larger, evolving body of work focused on post-industrial America.

“These are excerpts from ongoing work in the post industrial heartland of America, fragments collected not far from a Walmart or Burger King.”Dan_Wetmore_Untitled1_oDan_Wetmore_Untitled2_oDan_Wetmore_Untitled3_o

Taken primarily on medium format-color, Dan images the rust belt, a portion of America deeply hit with financial and economic crisis after the collapse of American auto and manufacturing industries nearly half a century ago. His photographs document the lingering glory of the American Dream. The spirit of the region remains, retaining it’s individuality and vitality. We see the usual suspects: old cars. decaying buildings, curious looking folks and road kill as subject to his photographs. He approaches his subjects with keen sensibility. His portraits appear as sincere representations, accurate depictions of the people and experiences he encounters.

Dan_Wetmore_Untitled4_o Dan_Wetmore_Untitled5_o Dan_Wetmore_Untitled7_o Dan_Wetmore_Untitled8_o Dan_Wetmore_Untitled9_o

You can find more of Dan’s work on his tumblr.