Anna Fabricius

Anna Fabricius is a Hungarian artist living and working in Budapest. She finished her doctorial at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, in 2011.

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This selection of photographs is from her series Hungarian Standards. Central to this project is the notion of preconception. Her work examines groups that work in uniform, classical professions, marked with a particular style known to everyone. Her work alludes to our prejudgements respectively to gender and age.

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In spite of her previous work (Cavalrymen and Equestrienes) in which members of the group motion a variety of gestures, each suggesting one characteristic description about the group, Hungarian Standards illustrates professions acting out the same position within their environments. Repetition illuminates the similarity of her subjects and defines the iconic interpretation of each profession. Subtle variations in individual body posture suggest separateness and remind us that groups consist of individuals who ultimately reinforce or rebut social preconceptions.

Fabricius has been exhibited in many countries across Europe in collaboration with curators such as Jovana Stokic, Roman Babjak or Grzegorz Piatek.
She has shown her work at Photoespana, ParisPhoto, Art Paris, Lodz Photofestival, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Rijeka, Kunsthalle and the Ludwig Museum, Budapest.

For more information please visit her website.