Daniel Dorsa

Daniel Dorsa is a documentary photographer and blogger. After living most of his life in Florida, he currently calls New York City home where he is constantly attempting to keep himself busy. As a child, he always wanted to be an explorer and share the stories of his travels. That thought still drives him to this day, searching for a new, personal story. He is currently a freelance editorial and documentary photographer looking to find stories to tell. He also writes for Noisey, PORTALS, and his personal blog Tiny Waves where he covers music and photography.

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Artifacts of Cuba

In September of 2012, I went on spiritual quest with my family to seek wisdom and escape from reality. During our escape portion, we went to the tourist destination of Varadero Beach. It’s mystifying beaches and crystal clear waters were something that are indescribable.

Along with this beauty comes this strange culture that is something unlike the rest of Cuba. This is a place where old Cuba and the “modern” Cuba merge. It’s a vortex that is striving to become modern while the revolution’s lingering effects are still present. It’s as if this area wants to be as tourist as possible and lose its authenticity; very much like my home state of Florida. I have moments that reflect what I saw and I’d like to share them with you.

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