Lam Pok Yin

Lam Pok Yin is a Hong Kong-born and raised photographer. He received architectural training in university and is currently studying at the London College of Communication. Lam Pok Yin photographic works mainly deal with the marvels of everyday life in cities; banalities, loneliness, silence, etc. Lam Pok Yin is largely known for his series, A City of 7 Million in which he explores how Hong Kong, a city of 7,000,000 people inhabit and interact with such a dense, highly materialistic, ever-changing environment. Today we share his ongoing series titled, Our Little Worlds.


Our Little Worlds

This is a eerie and fragmented collection of people who almost disappear into the background, which I shot when I first arrived London half year ago. Without narratives, they do not tell a lot about the person in the frame as individual photographs. Rather, they are about the relationship between people’s relationship with other.

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Shot in temporal, banal and transitional public spaces, these individuals appear to be absorbed in what they are doing, submerged in a world of their own and isolated from the surroundings. These scenarios add up and perhaps reflect the current mode of human interactions.

5_o 6_o

Along with the advancement in technology, we are much more connected to others than ever before, though in reality everyone in these spaces becomes distinct and indifferent individual, perhaps tapping the phone or smoking, and becomes almost invisible to others.


For more information about Lam Pok Yin or to see his complete portfolio visit his website.