Vincent Robert, 20, lives between Nice and Paris, FR. He is currently a studying photography at EFET, Paris. He discovered photography about five years ago, and primarily shoots architectural and contemporary photography. Today we share his series I Remember Clifford. As a reaction to Benny Golson’s song “I Remember Clifford,” Vincent’s landscapes effectively pay tribute its emphatic and resonating sound.


I Remember Clifford

We all know that indescribable, yet unforgettable feeling of Revelation Jazz man Benny Golson, as expressed in his composition to his fellow trumpeter Clifford Brown, back in 1956. In these photos, I wanted to illustrate this feeling, the memory of a man, of a sound that faded, which for a time seemed to have disappeared and reappeared like the light on those landscapes. Slowly, the memory will be erased like the mountains which become blurred in the haze. Maybe these photos will be a souvenir for someone or simply leave a picture engraved in someone else’s mind.

In addition, I try to express something truly universal. I gave this series of photos the name of the jazz standard called, I Remember Clifford because I have a particular tie to the music which inspires me and reminds me of moments in my life.

Inspired by photographers like Thibaut Cuisset, Horatio Baltz, Steven Brooks, Alexander Gronsky and film director Terrence Malick, I’ve tried to render things as they were, with neutral and soft colors as faithfully as possible.

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