Juno Calypso

Juno Calypso (b. 1989) is a London based artist. In 2012 Juno received a BA in Photography from the London College of Communication, where she was awarded both the Hotshoe Portfolio Award and the Michael Wilson Photographic Prize. Since graduating Juno has exhibited work in London and New York, and has been published in Time Out London, Dazed & Confused, The Independent, Elephant, Blink, and The Sunday Times Magazine amongst many others. In 2013 Juno was shortlisted for the Catlin Art Prize, where she received the Visitor Vote Prize. Juno Calypso is now represented by the Simon Oldfield Gallery in London.


I recently began working with self-portraiture, which led to the creation of a character named Joyce. Within elaborately staged large format photographs I draw upon personal experience to perform critical studies into modern rituals of beauty and seduction. We find Joyce alone, consumed by artifice – trapped inside pastel coloured encounters with beauty masks, cream cakes and polyester negligee; her glazed appearance acting as a mirror to the exhaustion felt whilst bearing the dead weight of constructed femininity.

Juno_Calypso_8_Mild_Sensation_2013_o Juno_Calypso_7_Routine_Delusion_2013_o Juno_Calypso_5_Reconstituted_Meat_Slices_2013_o Juno_Calypso_3_A_Modern_Hallucination_2012_o finalcake 006 Juno_Calypso_10_An_Underwhelming_Desire_2013_o Juno_Calypso_6_Disenchanted_Simulation_2013_o Juno_Calypso_1_Artificial_Sweetener_2012_o Juno_Calypso_4_12_Reasons_Youre_Tired_All_The_Time_2013_o

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