DISPOSE is a bi-weekly publication started in the Fall of 2012. For the past year they have been distributing single-use-cameras to interesting individuals around the world. All contributors are asked to capture one day of their lives, 24 hours, 24 frames. Coming up on their one year anniversary, we thought we’d share in on some of their excitement, concept and imagery.


As people who habitually create and collect images we were all interested in the idea of starting a magazine. However the process of creating even a small amount of high quality original content is labor intensive, time consuming, and above all expensive. We wanted to have a global perspective but didn’t have the funds to do so, in a traditional way. So instead we worked with an alternative paradigm for content creation wherein the subjects of our stories also act as the authors.

From the outset we took a fairly open approach to the project, allowing room for ourselves to learn about the process. As we’ve received more contributions we’ve developed a preference for narratives rather than beautiful snapshots. We’re aiming to tell stories of individuals through compelling images, rather than just publish a bunch of good photographic work.

samwilliams_13_o samwilliams_10_o Vida2_o

We look for interesting professions, unique locations, and honest stories from individual perspectives. These things combined with an eye for photography create strong spreads because they are engaging on multiple levels. We do get a healthy handful of random emails on a daily basis from individuals wanting to contribute. In addition we have an ongoing list of people we want to involve.

Tyler_o Tyler2_o

Images have become so easy to create over the last few years that we now find ourselves with an almost overwhelming amount of visual information. However the majority of these images do not occupy physical space, so as long as we are able to maintain reliable systems of sorting and filtering through, it is difficult to determine at which point it becomes “too much”. We’re happy to be contributing to this growing archive of visual information, and leave it up to others to decide how to use them.

Vida3_o Chris2_o

For their anniversary next week, look forward to the images of:
-a stylish copywriter in Madrid, Spain
-a group of orphan boys in the Kibera Slums in Kenya
-a hair stylist in Paris
-the oldest fiddler’s convention in the USA in Galax, Virginia

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect.

Chris_o Vida_o Diego_1_o Tyler4_o Diego_2_o Pat_3_o Pat_1_o Kenya_1_o Stylist_2_o

Check out more on their website.

DISPOSE is run by three NYC based artists: Bruno Levy, Alex Hollender and Arpana Rayamajhi.

BRUNO LEVY is a 34-year-old multi-disciplinary artist. After growing up in Paris, he received a BFA in photography from NYU in 2001. He concentrated on the moving image through various projects SquareSquare (formerly), and new media project Sweatshoppe (currently). Bruno currently lives in NYC where he continues to create works that deals with the relationship between audio and video.

ALEX HOLLENDER is a 24-year-old web designer and art director. After growing up in Vermont, he received a degree in Art History from Swarthmore College. An interest in fashion led him to found Create Build Destroy, and subsequently now works as the art direct for Onia. He lives in New York City, and works on various interactive design projects.

ARPANA RAYAMAJHI is a 25-year-old art student currently studying at The Cooper Union School of Art. Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, she studied music theory and performed in numerous Jazz festivals. Arpana moved to New York in 2009 to focus on her studio practice. While her paintings and sculpture are rooted in minimalist abstractions and color theory, she has her own jewelry line, which on the contrary is an explosion of color and symbols from places around the world.