Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is a photographer and photo educator living in Portland Oregon. His work experience includes the George Eastman House, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and Photo-eye Books & Gallery. He received his BFA from Indiana University in 1999 and is a 2014 MFA candidate at the Hartford Art School’s Limited Residency photography program. Chris is the founder and Director of Newspace Center for Photography. Today we take a look at his series titled, House of Sound.



House of Sound

This body of work is about listening, love, preservation, and passion. Some will call it obsession, not just for music, rather for how it sounds, how it is listened to, and how it feels. I spent time in record stores, vintage stereo repair shops, vintage retail shops, and people’s houses photographing and having conversations about why they listen to music they way they do and how it affects their lives. Some have made careers, some a hobby and some want nothing more than to listen, but for all of them, myself included, it is an important part of our lives in some way.

I have shot spaces in Portland, Seattle, New York, and Berlin and I find that these ideals hold true from coast to coast to places afar. The love, passion and obsession for listening is a common thread that runs through all of the people and shops; these connect us all together to the moment we first felt the sound.

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To view more of Chris Bennetts work please visit his website.