Kat Shannon

Kat Shannon grew up in Orlando, Florida and is currently living in New York where she is working towards her MFA in Photography at the International Center of Photography and Bard College, having earned her BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Today we share two bodies of work.

Kat’s most recent body of work addresses the rejection or embrace of sensations of closeness or intimacy in a public setting. Kat is interested in the space between people and communication and the reactionary process of comfort or discomfort to connection.

kat_shannon_1_o kat_shannon_2_o kat_shannon_3_o kat_shannon_4_o kat_shannon_5_oGirls in Uniform

Girls in Uniform is an ongoing work that considers the idea of group verses individual identity and the degrees of solitude or connection that lies within that dichotomy. Kat is looking critically at the social and political components in the contemporary portrait of American women today.

kat_shannon_6_o kat_shannon_7_o kat_shannon_8_o kat_shannon_9_o kat_shannon_10_o

To see more of Kat’s work please visit her website.