Motohiro Takeda

Moving to New York City when he was twenty-one years old, Motohiro Takeda received a BFA on photography from Parsons the New School for Design in 2008. He is interested in the ephemeral and transient nature of time and space and the concept of memory that is, whether it is social or personal, evoked from these elements. He works intensively with analogue photography where light plays very important roles in producing photographic prints and he believes that analogue photography introduces and increases the sense of craft in his works.

Today we take a look at his series titled, Untitled (Invitations Others).

Motohiro_Takeda_01_o Motohiro_Takeda_02_o Motohiro_Takeda_03_o Motohiro_Takeda_04_o Motohiro_Takeda_05_o Motohiro_Takeda_06_o Motohiro_Takeda_07_o Motohiro_Takeda_08_o Motohiro_Takeda_09_o Motohiro_Takeda_10_o Motohiro_Takeda_11_o Motohiro_Takeda_12_o Motohiro_Takeda_13_o Motohiro_Takeda_14_o

Motohiro was awarded the Tierney Fellowship Grant in 2008. His work has been exhibited in various venues including New York Photo Festival in Brooklyn, Photo España Descubrimientos PHE 2010 in Madrid, Spain, Camera Club of New York, Houston Center for Photography, Center of Photography in Woodstock, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco among others.

To view more of Motohiro work please visit his website.