Jackie Furtado

Through traditional means in photography, the weight of necessary slowness and precision has lead Jackie Furtado’s methods and personal theories towards making. The daughter of young military divorcees, Jackie was born in Bad Windsheim, Germany, but soon after uprooted from her birth town. Her selfdeclared lack of origin gave her sense of unsettlement, developing a basis for her relations and an emphasis in the act of travel. Jackie Furtado’s work is made of bodies, spaces, lifeless beings, all shown with evident idolization but no direct narrative. Furtado received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute and is awaiting more life experiences before committing to a MFA program. She is currently making and living in Chicago.

Jackie_Furtado_01_oTank II

JF_0828 001Finding Grounds

Jackie_Furtado_03_oSister Shifter

Jackie_Furtado_04_oLottery Lot

Jackie_Furtado_05_oAndrew Lying

Jackie_Furtado_06_oStand Still So I Can Look At You Closely

Jackie_Furtado_07_oTwo By Four


Jackie_Furtado_09_oThe Un-Valley

Jackie_Furtado_10_oTaylor Turning Red

To view more of Jackie’s work please visit her website.