Yorgos Efthymiadis

Yorgos Efthymiadis is a fine art and architectural photographer from Greece who resides in Somerville, MA. He has always been drawn to buildings, their shapes, their forms and materials, always questioning the perspective and viewpoints. Using light to illuminate their unique character, he often wonders how architects imagined their constructions and frequently reduces architecture to pure geometry. Yorgos has exhibited in various locations, including the Danforth Museum (New England Photography Biennial 2013) and was a semi-finalist at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards for two consecutive years. In addition, his work was included in The Fence as part of the Flash Forward Festival 2014 and his projects were featured on Lensculture and PDN.


Letting My Guard Down (2013)

It took me over a year of collecting pieces from different countries that I’ve visited to come to the realization that no matter the place, people will feel the same way about everyday life; the burdens that they carry, the things that weigh them down. They are detached from their own selves, isolated, feeling trapped. There is a desire for connection, expectations that need to be fulfilled, a longing for something that’s out of reach.

Surrounded by buildings and overwhelming skylines, feeling lost in the chaos that public life creates, I cannot help but empathize with them. I’m always on the move to catch up with the frenetic rhythms of reality; yet again, I remain static. I’m constantly in search of an escape, trying to free myself from holding on to the past, to an idea, a person or a thought and yet I’m constrained, bound.

These images are a mirror of myself, not a window to the world outside. These solitary subjects are nothing but self-portraits, scattered glimmers of my soul; a wry representation of the weight that I carry, the anchor that holds me down.


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