Brandon Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux (b. 1981) was raised in Beaumont, Texas. He now resides in Dallas, where he freelances for clients like, Newsweek, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. When he’s not doing that he’s likely found running the back roads of the South with a twin lens over his shoulder. He is a member of the photography collective MJR, based in New York City. American Photo Magazine, Photo District News, NPR, and the New York Times Lens Blog have acknowledged his work in the Mississippi Delta and in 2012 the Oxford American listed him in their 100 Under 100 New Superstars of Southern Art. In 2013 he was awarded the solo show award for Critical Mass Top 50 and he is the 2014 recipient of the New Orleans Photo Alliance’s Michael P. Smith Fund for Documentary Photography grant.

‘Mississippi 662’, Duncan, MS 2012 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0002 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0053 When Morning Comes 

When Morning Comes is a reflection of life in the Mississippi Delta. I first traveled to the region in the summer of 2009 because I needed to breathe after my own troubled times. I was in search of something stronger than myself and attended its churches not to photograph but to cry and be redeemed and to just be a part of the place. I was there to listen as I prayed for a revelation. 

Over the past three years, I have witnessed signs of strength against struggle, humility amidst pride, and a promise for deliverance in the lives that I’ve come to know here. This is a land stigmatized by poverty beneath a long shadow of racism. I do not wish to overlook this fact but rather look between it for evidence of the tender and yet unwavering human spirit that resides within its fabric.

thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0004 Man in Field, Mound Bayou, MS 2011 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0011 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0012 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0010 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0008 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0009 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0006 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0013 brandon_thibodeaux_00013 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0018 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0017 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0023 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0056 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0024 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0015 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0016 brandon_thibodeaux_00021 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0006 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0049 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0050 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0039 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0022 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0040 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0046 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0047 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0030 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0031 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0032 brandon_thibodeaux_00033 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0052 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0034 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0033 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0043 thibodeaux_brandon_when_morning_comes_griffin_0058 brandon_thibodeaux_00039

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