Ben Huff

Ben Huff was born in LeClaire, Iowa in 1973, and after ten years living in the American West, moved to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2005. He is currently based in Juneau, Alaska. Ben’s work has been published Internationally and exhibited extensively in Alaska, as well as the Lishui Festival in China, and the America Now exhibition at Montserrat College of Art . Today we share his series, The Last Road North, which will be exhibited at Newspace in Portland, Oregon beginning March 2015.

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The Last Road North

The Last Road North is the story of the northernmost road in America. The Dalton Highway, known locally as the Haul Road, was built in 1974 as the sole transportation route for goods and services to the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay. As a newcomer to Alaska in 2005, the road encapsulated everything that I was trying to reconcile for myself in the North; the ideas of myth, reality and identity. The road served as the physical and psychological line between resource extraction and the frontier we were promised.

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Ben Huff was recently an artist­in­residence at Light Work in Syracuse, New York, where he constructed the handmade special editions of his upcoming monograph with Kehrer Verlag. Aint-Bad Editions hopes to stock his book later this year but for now to preorder a copy click here!


To view more of Ben’s work please his website.