Bärbel Praun

Bärbel Praun, born in Southern Germany in 1978, studies of photography at University of Applied Sciences in Biefeld, graduated in 2006, now living in Switzerland and everywhere, exhibitions in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg. Artist in Residencies in Austria and Luxembourg (2012), Finland (2013) and Lithuania (2014).

Baerbel_Praun_1_o Baerbel_Praun_2_o

Since I’ve never lived and worked in one place for more than some months for the last years, I am asking myself questions about home, origin, memories: how does a place/scene come into existence? By loading it with sentiments, needs, habits? By erecting walls, filling it with materials? Does the concept of home still have relevance in the light of countries growing together, borders disappearing, and the speed and frequency in which we travel from one place to another?

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