Ariane De Palacio

Ariane De Palacio (b.1982) was born in France and grew up between Madrid and La Rochelle. She is currently finishing her PhD in geopgrahy at Laval University (Québec). Scientific research allowed Ariane to look at space and landscapes from a certain angle, but urged her to access an entirely different dimension, more intuitive and emotional, through photography and the freedom of an artistic approach. Ariane mainly works within collective projects, especially around urban planning issues, political and cultural landscapes and identity-making processes. She currently lives and works in Montreal. Today we share her series Nature/Culture.

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In my work, I focus on the co-construction between human societies and their environment, their landscapes and territories. With this project, I want to examines identities within the landscapes and the way our north american societies shape the landscapes we live in through a very specific interaction with natural elements such as vegetation. These natural elements can be used to stage a way of life, but they also often disrupt our polished landscape by invading its cracks and anti-places.

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To view more of Ariane’s work please her website.