Roger May

Roger May (b. 1975) is an Appalachian American photographer currently living in Raleigh,
North Carolina. He was born in the Tug River Valley, located on the West Virginia and Kentucky
state line, in the heart of what is commonly known as Hatfield and McCoy country. He served in
the Army for seven years. His photographs and essays have been published in The Oxford
American, The Guardian, THE WEEK, The Bitter Southerner, The American Guide, Appalachian
Heritage, AARP, and others. In February 2014, he started the crowdsourced Looking at Appalachia | 50 Years After the War on Poverty project. May speaks about his work, about issues of Appalachian representation, and photographs on commission. He writes the series Looking at Appalachia, which features photographic work and essays throughout Appalachia, on his blog, Walk your camera.

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‘Til I No More Can
The series ‘Til I No More Can is in progress and features images made between 2013-2014.
About his work, Roger states, “I was once asked how much longer I thought I’d be traveling back to West Virginia and Kentucky to make photographs and the question stumped me. It completely didn’t register. Why would I ever stop making photographs there? I responded that I would always be going back and looking for pictures until I could no longer do it, until I no more can.”

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To see more of Roger’s work, please visit his website.