Colin Todd

Colin Todd is an artist who lives and works in New York, NY. He received his BFA of Fine Arts from Louisiana Tech University in 2006 and his MFA of Photography/Transmedia from Syracuse University in 2009. He has exhibited his work internationally with shows at Skulpturenpark in Berlin, Broad Street Gallery at the University of Georgia, RIT School of Art and Rochester Contemporary Arts Gallery in Rochester, NY, as well as the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY. Today we share his series Humid, Sticky, Sweet.

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Humid, Sticky, Sweet 

“I photograph subcultures, mostly in the American South, which provide a private and empathetic view into their events and society. The unique access allowed in depicting the members of these communities presents a deeper exploration of the social politics and an empathetic critique of the human condition. Usually connected to a specific geography or historical context, the projects focus on how these communities choose to maintain a cultural identity. The images become records of the smaller congregations in the nooks of a broader idealism of the regions identity.

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The Humid, Sticky, Sweet series arose from a search for reconciliation within me and my hometown. With my family’s history directly affected and formed by 1960’s civil rights politics in Louisiana, part of this reconciliation was to deal with the residual history that still permeates the region’s culture. The photographs in this series provide visual cues found in contemporary Southern landscapes and portraiture that underscore how the region’s history has influenced cultural predispositions of my home.”

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To view more of Colin’s work, please visit his website.

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