Hua Weicheng

Hua Weicheng is a photographer based in Chongqing, China.  Born in Shaoyang, Hua studied at Beijing Broadcasting Institute before receiving his M.A. at Communication University of China in 2007.  Hua’s work has been exhibited extensively in China as well as the FORMAT International Photography Festival and the Syngenta Photography Award Exhibition in the United Kingdom.

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End of Ashes

Since reform and opening-up, despite the rapid economic development, China has paid a painful price for severe damages on natural ecosystem. The “warship for nature” and “heaven-human syncretism” emphasized in traditional Chinese culture have been replaced by the utilitarian concept of “Development is the absolute principle”. Beautiful things with traditional Chinese humanistic conception have become more and more scarce. Not only is this an aesthetic issue, but it also contains the traditional Chinese cultural spirit we cannot forsake.

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The set of photos “End of Ashes” is a sampling of Chinese real landscape under personal observation. They are fairly remote and wild scenes. As a “paradox” of this age, they are not much minded by most people. But from my perspective, they seem as if “relics of time” that deserve people’s vigilance.

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To view more of Hua’s work, please visit his website.