Ryan Duffin

Ryan Duffin was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. He currently attends Parsons School of Design in New York City. Ryan’s work often deals with photography itself as not only the medium, but also the topic. Recently his interests have shifted from focusing on metaphysics and mysticism to an increased fascination with science, logic and reason. Ryan approaches photography with an alchemic eye, yet systematic and scientific sensibility. Duffin’s ideas take the form of studio still lives, photograms in the darkroom, landscapes, and abstractions. Many of these methodical compositions intermix the analog and the digital through engaging with numerous photographic technologies.


ryan duffin photography art


ryan duffin photography art





Meta acts as a field journal of sorts to my exploration into new age spiritual schools of thought and metaphysics. All images were made in Sedona, Arizona- a location long know for its mystical properties. The landscapes show supposed “Energy Vortex’s” which are said to be spots in which the energies of the universe funnel in and out of the Earth.








Paraphotology is using photography as a means to explore visual phenomenon. Specifically probing the intersection between science, art, and the supernatural. This endeavor uses the intervention of photographic technologies to create metaphysical experiences. Photography itself is a medium that is rooted in science, yet is encircled by a history of mysticism. Through adopting the recurring motifs of minerals, illusion, and cosmic imagery I am discussing the influence these loaded objects have on visual and spiritual perception. While at the same time thinking about how the photographic process is a way of dwelling in the obscure space between science and pseudo-science. As a whole the project creates a constellation of ideas that inform a visual and abstract experience. Each photograph a new study, through a scientific or mystical perspective.

Ryan recently had his first solo exhibition, Grounded Hallucinations at Ray Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

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