Michael Zuhorski

Michael Zuhorski (born 1992) lives in Detroit Michigan. In 2015 he graduated from the College for Creative Studies with a BFA in photography. He has exhibited his work at various venues throughout Michigan and recently published a book of his photographs. Michael has had features on Photographers Form Magazine, Fotographia Magazine, Urbanautica and more. His current work revolves around how a landscape is experienced and known, and what is behind ideas of naturalness and artificiality. Today we take a look at Michael’s series and book titled Natural Occurrence and Construction.


Moosonee, Ontario, August 2014


Ludington State Park, Michigan, November 2014


Sleeper State Park, Michigan, March 2015


Port Crescent State Park, Michigan, March 2015

Natural Occurrence and Construction

Natural Occurrence and Construction depicts predominantly natural environments and instances of human manipulation of such environments. The work was made in parklands and the corners of bucolic areas in the Great Lakes and James Bay regions of Michigan and Ontario. In these places, society’s footprint flagrantly contrasts with the natural environment. Within this work the author seeks to raise questions pertaining to his regional culture’s valuation of these environments in such a way as to turn the questions inward towards the viewer. This is an attempt to convey an intimacy conducive to contemplation of one’s place within such landscapes.


Near the Village of Empire, Michigan, October 2014


Ludington State Park, Michigan, November 2014


Hartwick Pines State Park, Michigan, January 2015


Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan, January 2014


Somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, August 2014


Near the City of Frankfort, Michigan, January 2015


Whitefish Point State Park, Michigan, July 2014


Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan, October 2014


Huron National Forest, Michigan, July 2014


Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario, August 2014


Point Betsie, Michigan, July 2014

To view more of Michael’s work please visit his website.