Tyler Coray

Tyler Coray is a Seattle based photographer and filmmaker, born 1989 in Valencia, California. He received his BFA in Photography and Video from Cornish College of the Arts in 2013. He is currently a Video Editor and Producer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since completing studies at Cornish, Tyler has spent most of his time focusing on interdisciplinary work: working with dancers, composers, and multimedia artists. In 2013 he worked with choreographers on an original short film that was selected for Seattle’s NEXT Dance Cinema, part of NEXT Fest NW. Tyler is also a member of Seattle group Newaxeyes, who have been praised for their inability to be pinpointed and willingness to take risks. Together they’ve created original scores for dance, film, and live performance art; and in 2015 were asked to create their own live score for Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic ‘Alien’, at Northwest Film Forum (part of Northwest Film Forum’s ongoing series Puget Soundtrack). Today we share with you his Iceland series.


Neighborhood at 3am, Reykjavik, 2015


Neighborhood at 3:27am, Reykjavik, 2015


Fence, Ásbrú, 2015


Lights and Artificial Grass, Ásbrú, 2015


These photographs were taken in July of 2015 as a group of friends and myself drove around the entire country of Iceland. We started in Reykjavik before heading south down Highway 1, eventually heading up to the East Fjords, then winding our way through the West Fjords and back down to Reykjavik. During this time of year the sun never fully sets, hugging the horizon line from about 12am-3am. There was an certain level of intimacy during those hours, not only with landscapes but also neighborhoods, that I had never quite experienced before. These photographs are an attempt at capturing that intimacy I experienced during those two weeks.


Straumur at Midnight, Hafnarfjörður, 2015


Black Sand Beach at 2am, Vík í Mýrdal, 2015


Seljavallalaug Pool, Seljavellir, 2015


Glaciers at the base of Eyjafjallajökul, Skaftafell, 2015


Sulfur Pits, Krafla, 2015


Gullfoss at 1am, Hvítá, 2015


Abandoned Shed, Þingvellir, 2015


Abandoned Jeep, Þingvellir, 2015


Collectibles at Midnight, Reykjavik, 2015


Red Tarp at 12:30am, Reyjavik, 2015

To view more of Tyler’s work, please view his website.