Catherine Rocke

Catherine Rocke is an Austrian based professional photographer and mother of three children. In her work she mainly portrays those whose lives are in a state of inner conflict. As Catherine is searching for human nature, she uses the camera to ask questions, to find out more about what drives people to do the things they do. Why are some people feeling happy and others seem to fight day by day? Catherine’s wish is to enter, door by door, the hidden rooms of life. In the sunlight made reflection of others she finds herself. Using photography as her form of expression she can get more in touch with herself while telling and sharing the many unique stories of others. During her studies in Berlin and Leipzig, Germany she was awarded with the Sequoia Media Award for documentary photography. Her works were part of several exhibitions in Berlin, Leipzig, Halle and Frankfurt. Currently she is working on her first book.





Without the deep and binding connection to your family or home, you can easily find yourself losing your way through your life. It creates feelings of emptiness like there is nothing to hold on to, no place to return to and a lost connection to ones origin. This work portrays those whose lives are affected by that feeling, a feeling of loss and disconnection with their inner anchor. I wonder how parents keep their children well grounded when they themselves have no strong anchor. How can they pass something on that simply does not exist in them? Longing for a feeling of security and stability or even the possibility to just unwind and relax for a moment. And there are more and more people being affected by this feeling regardless of where you go in the world. The feeling that one must hold on with all their might to what they have, to fight against the strong winds of change and try to topple them over. For a place inside, secure and peaceful, to call home.












To view more of Catherine’s work, please visit her website.