Anna Mia Davidson

Anna Mia Davidson is a professional photographer based in Seattle, Washington. She believes strongly in the power of images to influence, inspire, and impact the way we see the world around us. Davidson has photographed worldwide. She has two published photography books, Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest (Minor Matters Books) and Cuba: Black and White (Steidl). Her photographic work has been awarded several honors including sponsorship by The Blue Earth Alliance for her longterm photographic project on Cuba, the Jeni Dellaccio Award for photography, an International Photo Award, A FotoDocument Commission, Grants from Artist Trust and Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, The University of Colorado Talent and Creativity Award for Photojournalism, the Cesar Chavez Certificate for Commitment to Justice, Diversity, and Nonviolence from the University of Colorado, and the 2004 Golden Light Top Photographers Award for Documentary photography.  Today we share her series, Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest.

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Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest

This photographic project is a portrait documentation of the resurgence of sustainable farmer’s in the Pacific Northwest. The individuals that represent that movement are bright, passionate, inspiring and capture a connection to the earth. They are people who are part of a movement to farm responsibly despite obstacles to exist.

Farming is a link we share with most nations on earth and is a bond that makes us more similar than different. It is now a crucial time in history where nations must look to alternative means of food production as an answer to environmental, social, and health issues. The amount of work and dedication to be a true steward of the land is humbling to witness. As a nation, and as an interconnected world our future depends on a new appreciation for local production and consumption, and we will need to embrace and cherish how it looks to be truly sustainable.

anna_davidson_7 anna_davidson_6 anna_davidson_5 anna_davidson_4 anna_davidson_3 anna_davidson_9 anna_davidson_10 Amy pouring milk in milking room.  In a small sustainable farm operation quality and care is part of the spirit of making food.anna_annamiadavidson_13

Anna Mia Davidson has exhibited her photographs both Nationally and Internationally at Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, The Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, Leica Gallery, New York, Benham Gallery, Seattle, Fototecca Gallery, Havana Cuba, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, and is part of the Zoelner Art Center’s permanent collection. Anna Mia Davidson was commissioned as a “Character of America” Photographer by Aperture and USA Television Network, and was interviewed about her photography on the Today Show. When she is not working on her own longterm photographic projects, Anna Mia Davidson works for many different international news and magazine publications and is involved with commissions and large public arts instillations of her work.  

To purchase her book Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest please visit Minor Matters.  In addition, her book Cuba Black and White will incorporate both imagery from Urban centers, Cuban farmers and countryside published by Steidl launching this Fall.  Her opening of the Cuba exhibition will be at the Leica Gallery, LA December 10, 2015, and she will be teaching a photography workshop with the Leica Akadamie on beautiful Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle, WA Sept 10-13th photographing the farmland, farmers and the island life. 

To view more of Anna Mia Davidson’s work, please visit her website.