Michal Adamski

Michal Adamski – 1976, Poznan, Poland. He is self-taught photographer. Member of Association of Polish Art Photographers. Member of NAPO IMAGES- Mentor Program. Winner of press competitions. Currently involved in social matters focusing on man and his life in the contemporary world. Scholarship holder of Marshal of the Wielkopolska region.  Today we share his series, I can’t get through the chaos.

Michal_Adamski_1 NAPO120104MA NAPO110908MA

I can’t get through the chaos

One year,
one place
two deaths.

Christmas Eve 2011
My parents are wishing each other Merry Christmas. Mom is standing heavily on her legs.
I’m feeling anxious.
We didn’t talk much that day.

NAPO121118MA NAPO121004MA

Christmas Eve 2012
The last stretch of the road to the hospital leads through the forest. I have taken it every day since March.
Right now the road is slippery, melting snow splatters under the wheels.
I stop.
I go for a short walk down the river.
I know it’s over.
Half a year after my mother’s death, my dad passes away.
NAPO121117MA NAPO110901MA NAPO111220MA NAPO121226MA NAPO121118MA NAPO110901 NAPO121120MA

It was a tough year for me.
I watched my parents die slowly. I saw their pain, I saw their bodies suffer. I could not ask them anything anymore. I did not know how. I could not.
After some time the only thing I could do was take pictures.
Only then did I realise they were departing. Until that moment I had either not noticed or had refused to notice that.

These pictures tell a story of our shared silence and lonely suffering.

NAPO121120MA NAPO130121MA

I cannot get through the chaos.

NAPO130121 NAPO121224MA

To view more of Michal’s work, and to purchase the book that holds this body of work, please visit his website.