Arnis Balcus

Arnis Balcus (b. 1978) is a photographer from Riga, Latvia. He has BA in Communication Studies from University of Latvia and MA in Photographic Studies from University of Westminster. In most of his photographic work he examines Latvian identity, historical taboos and social-political agendas. He has had numerous exhibitions internationally. His most recent solo exhibitions include Victory Park at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow (2014) and Beyond the Blue River at Fotogalleriet in Malmo (2015). He is also the editor-in-chief of FK Magazine and co-organizer of Riga Photomonth. Today we share his series titled Latvian Notes.

Portra 400_8 001

Riga, 2012

Portra 160_1 001

Rezekne, 2012

Portra 400_11v 001

Ergli, 2013

Portra 400_11 001

Daugavpils, 2012

Latvian Notes

In the series Latvian Notes Arnis Balcus has been exploring the everyday life in Latvia, a small Baltic country in North-East Europe that struggles with Soviet legacy, unstable economy and population decline. This visual research is focused on Latvian society through the perspective of collective rituals and public space. Alienation, orderliness and sentimentality are the key elements that characterize social environment in today’s Latvia.

Portra 160_9 001

Riga, 2011


Akniste, 2012

Arnis Balcus, Rauna, 2011

Rauna, 2011


Mazsalaca, 2013

Portra 400_5 001

Daugavpils, 2012

Blīdene, 2013

Blidene, 2013


Balvi, 2013

Seda, 2013

Seda, 2013

To view more of Arnis’s work please visit his website.