Simon Martin

Simon Martin originated from Sittingbourne in the South East of England where he grew up and soon left after finding his love for photography and film at college. After attending Middlesex University Simon came back home, continued to work on personal projects whilst holding down two jobs and began teaching at a local college, until he made the move back to London where he currently resides, to pursue freelance work. Simons work focuses on social groups and peoples passions, his work has been internationally exhibited and published in print such as Hunger magazine and Of The Afternoon. Today we take a look at his series titled, Bearing Fruit.

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Bearing Fruit

Bearing Fruit looks at a small town in Southern England, resembling many other small towns within Britain, Sittingbourne holds an industrial past and deserves redevelopment yet with a majority of the towns land in the hands of a major supermarket the development being offered has questionable benefits for the residents. Current work has begun but a finished town isn’t foreseeable until 2031. Speaking to locals and living in Sittingbourne, Simon hopes to document the story of so many towns within the UK, places of great pride and heritage that have nothing left to offer, in some peoples eyes, other than a potential re-turf by big city investors.


To view more of Simon’s work please visit his website.