Elaine Bezold

Elaine Bezold is a photographer originally from Joplin, Missouri. She attended the University of Missouri for a BFA in Photography and Fibers, and The Massachusetts College of Art and Design for her MFA in Photography. She currently lives in East Texas and teaches as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Stephen F. Austin University. Today we share her series, Compulsive Pressure.

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Compulsive Pressure

The small inclinations we have as humans to experience physical sensations without thinking are central to my picture making. Perception of touch in animals is inherently fickle. Light touch can evoke paroxysms of fear and discomfort when it is unexpected. Conversely, deep touch pressure (holding, stroking, swaddling) has been shown to be calming for both humans and animals. When I photograph, I look for moments when the primal reaction to being touched surfaces. Whether a creature is comforted or withdraws­ these responses seem to be a conduit to the subconscious, revealing delicate or destructive thoughts.

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To view more of Elaine’s work, please visit her website.