Djamila Grossman

Djamila Grossman is a freelance photographer and videographer currently based in her hometown of Berlin.  She shoots assignments internationally for clients including Der Spiegel, Stern, Die Zeit, The New York Times, International New York Times, Getty Global Assignment.  Djamila’s work has an emotional, intuitive approach and visual language. Her photos are deeply concerned with the person behind the face. They strive for absence of pretense. She approaches life – not only photography – with a breathless admiration for ordinary moments that are felt from within rather than being motivated by outside expectations.  Today we share her series, Moons



This is the story of the Moons- four generations of women of the Goshute Tribe, whose home is in Ibapah, Utah – close to the Nevada border.

These women care for each other in a life that is beautiful to watch but to this day is also often filled with tremor, uncertainty and pain. I left being incredibly touched by their unshakable bond that holds strong no matter what life throws at them.


Djamila spent nine years in the United States where she received a degree in Journalism and Anthropology from the University of Arizona. She was on staff at several newspapers, including The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah.

She was nominated twice for the Joop Swart Masterclass and was shortlisted for the Hansel-Mieth- Preis in 2015. She was a recipient of the European Journalism Fellowship in Berlin. She is currently completing a long-term project as part of the postgraduate class at the Ostkreuz School for Photography in Berlin.  Djamila Grossman is a member of Focus Photo Agency.

To view more of Djamila’s work, please visit her website.