Miro Minarovych

Miro Minarovych (1971), grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia. He has a classic arts education and graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava – College of Sculpture and Restoration. He began his career in restoration followed by advertising and eventually diverged into photography. He lives and works in Prague. Today we’re sharing a selection of images from Miro’s cinematic portfolio.

Miro’s quiet yet cinematic style follows him as he travels across the world. From Louisiana to Brazil, California to Italy, movie-like moments seem to confront Miro with the opportunity to make strikingly beautiful images. Though each image possesses the idea of “being in the right place at the right time,” its Miro’s eye, composition and storytelling that make these silver screen moments so rich and believable.

To view more of Miro’s work, please visit his website.