Sam Hiscox

Sam Hiscox is a Photographer and Filmmaker from London, UK. He captures the true essence of his subjects across both photographic and film platforms, capitalizing on the spontaneity and human nature of those featured in his work with an effortless and unquestionably honest manor. We’re excited to feature a selection of polished yet raw images from Sam’s portfolio.

sam_hiscox_01sam_hiscox_03 sam_hiscox_02sam_hiscox_04 sam_hiscox_05

Sam captures surreal moments that confront him on a daily basis. Enamored by the ‘batshit crazy’ or quirky qualities in human beings, Sam curates the oddities of his world, using the images as evidence or proof that something equally as strange as it is beautiful exists. His raw, spontaneous technique of photographing makes these pieces of evidence even more believable. Sam does not glamorize nor manipulate an image into its strange or beautiful qualities – he tastefully documents it.

sam_hiscox_09sam_hiscox_06 sam_hiscox_07sam_hiscox_08sam_hiscox_10Sam_Hiscox_11sam_hiscox_12sam_hiscox_13

To view more of Sam’s work, please visit his website!