Luca Venter

Luca Venter is a South African Photographer currently living in Denver, Colorado. His work is often characterised by its clean, dreamlike quality primarily focused in art, music and fashion. Growing up in a creative household and forfeiting a formal education at age 10, Luca was able to freely pursue different creative outlets. Inspired by the relationship between sound and visual art, Luca Initially focused his efforts in the music industry and at age 16 started touring with bands, traveling North America and Europe for commissioned work. Today we’re daydreaming with a selection of images from Luca’s portfolio.

luca_venter01 luca_venter02 luca_venter14luca_venter03 luca_venter04 luca_venter05 luca_venter06

While dreams are often hazy, Luca Venter redefines the idea of a lucid dream. By creating images that are almost too perfect to exist, Luca’s daydream vision is clear. Having the opportunity to pursue a career in photography at a young age, his work reflects a youthful perception of the world while maintaining a mature, established portfolio.


To view more of Luca’s work, please visit his website!