Taylor Dorrell

Taylor Dorrell is a 21 year old documentarian photographer. Taylor grew up in South Carolina, and moved to New Albany, Ohio where he finished High School. Taylor is now a Junior at the Art Academy of Cincinnati where he’s working towards a BFA in photography and is a freelance photographer. Taylor finds photo/video as a more effective and visceral way to tell a story or express an opinion. By utilizing the medium of photography, specifically photographic essays and photo series, Taylor communicates a message and starts a conversation.

Taylor_Dorrell-Brothers-1 Taylor_Dorrell-Brothers-14


Taylor Dorrell photographs his brother and his tight knit group of high school friends as they transition into adulthood. Although the group is not related by blood, they have found each other while growing up in a small suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Taylor and his brother, having moved to the area during high school, slowly made a solid group of friends. The photographer shared many friends with his younger brother who is only two years younger than him. This meant that the group was already accustomed to Taylor and the presence of a camera. Taylor gives us an intimate look at their daily lives, documenting both the group as a whole and also the individuals. While shooting the project the photographer notices a slow divide building within the tightly bound friend group as the individuals grow and become more independent. The images offer an inside look into the group’s last moments of boyhood and adolescence before graduating and entering adulthood.

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