Morgan Brown

Morgan W.S. Brown (b.1986) is from Melbourne, Australia. He graduated from the Bachelor of Arts Photography program at RMIT University in 2008. A 120 film devotee and advocate of slow-journalism, he recently made the return to his passion of documentary and portrait photography after a three year hiatus. He has since collaborated on his first published book for a local non-profit organisation, a year spent photographing portraits that celebrate Melbourne’s multicultural art, food and fashion community. In 2015 the work was also shown as part of a three month solo exhibition at the Immigration Museum of Victoria. He is currently relocating to London, UK and will continue working on his current long-term documentary project in far eastern Kazakhstan.  Today we feature his series, Ger Bül (Family).
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Ger Bül (Family)

The herders of Mongolia are some of the last remaining nomadic people in existence. With time, the encroaching effect of globalisation slowly erodes their ancient traditions. However life goes on and certain tasks such as milking the cows, feeding the animals, collecting water and preparing meals must still be done on a daily basis. These photographs are the culmination of a single 24-hour period I spent in and around the Ger (Yurt) of Terbishu (31), Otgoo (30), their son Samand (1) and his Grandfather Battur (55) – a hardworking family living in isolation on the vast steppes of central Mongolia. Despite our inability to verbally communicate, my short stay with the family instilled a much greater insight and appreciation for a modest life.

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To view more of Morgan’s work, please visit his website.